Sagunto is divided into two urban centers: Sagunto, the historical part of town, and Puerto de Sagunto located on the coast.

Our city is an amazing place to visit with a rich heritage of various cultures. With more than two thousand years of history, our city is home to historic sites such as The Roman Castle and The Roman Theatre, two main attractions in Sagunto. In addition, in Puerto de Sagunto and surrounding towns, you can enjoy beautiful beaches.
Cee Sant Cristòfol located in a characterized hill in Sagunto, currently in the new part of the city, and surrounded by orange trees, invites you to take a pleasant walk around it.
Like anywhere, in the region of Valencia, local food is an important part of any trip. In Sagunto, you can find a range of delicious dishes, made with traditional Mediterranean recipes: paella, fideuà.
Finally, we celebrate local festivities in July as well as the theater festival “Sagunt a escena”, and of course, like many towns and villages in Valencia, we celebrate las Fallas in March.


At CEE Sant Cristòfol we define ourselves as a school with a desire to learn, to teach, and to share. We are an innovative school with a high level of participation, always searching for resources and inclusive ways our students can participate in a normalized context.

Sant Cristòfol includes students from 3 different regions. Currently, there are 92 students from ages 3 to 24. All of them have mental disabilities and severe and permanent special needs.
We organize ourselves in 5 educational levels taking into account the chronological age of the students: Kindergarten (3-5), primary (6-11), secondary (12-16), transition to adult life (16-21) and vocational training (18-24). Each educational level or stage is organized into different groups according to the characteristics of the students. All of them are supported by 35 professionals who cover the areas of education, health and social services.
Our goals as a centre are to promote and improve the autonomy of our students so they are as independent as possible, work on oral communication skills or incorporate alternative systems, and enhance social skills however possible in normalized contexts. We do this by undertaking or participating in different projects and activities related to physical activity, art and theater together with other mainstream educational centers. Our relationship with other centers helps each other to grow, know ourselves better and connect with the greater community.

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Healthy Europeans on the Move is our fourth European Project which we are excited to be a part of. We hope to share experiences with another European partners while learning different methodologies and strategies to promote a healthy lifestyle in our community school by practising indoor and outdoor sports and having good nutrition.

Latvia, Turkey, Spain and Poland: let’s move together!


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