What an extraordinary lesson in Latvia!
One of the activities of the Erasmus+ project „Healthy Europeans on the move”, „Healthy food day”, vocational class students, future kitchen workers, assumed the role of teachers and presented their learning process to students of grades 7-9. At the beginning, the students of the vocational class created games related to healthy nutrition, which were given to the students of the 7th-9th grades to play. After learning the theory, the vocational class transferred their acquired skills in the kitchen to the younger schoolmates, preparing a healthy Greek salad together.

In Spain we organized popular games in the gym and healthy and colorful breakfast at lunchroom. It was a great day!! 

In Poland all students and their teachers took part in yoga activities which helped them to calm down and relax – it was a totally new experience for them. Then, all of us reminded the best moments from each mobilities and watched interesting shadow theatre performances played
by teachers and students during mobilities in Spain. There was also a lot of fun while playing “paper chase” with challenges focused on health. For sure we will not forget that day!

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