Visit in Poland 27.03 – 02.04.2022

The article about our mobility in the local newspaper Gwarek:


Watch the film prepared by Polish team:

Play online games created by Polish team:

The visit in Poland –Radzionków

Our fourth mobility took place in Poland and lasted 5 days. Our students had a chance meet their friends and have fun together. During Polish mobility we did a lot of fantastic activities, we cooked delicious pierogi and we tried cakes with groats, we saw the Guido coal mine, The Silesian Museum in Katowice and amazing Kraków. But the most important was the participation in THE INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING CONTEST! All the swimmers were winners 😊

Day 1

– Arrivals and accommodation in the hotel.

Day 2

– Welcome at school and a short performance.

– Visiting school and taking part in Hand Therapy / P.E. Classes.

– Taking part in Sensorical Integration therapy / classes in the world experiencing classroom.

– Taking part in Tomatis / Biofeedback classes.

– Nordic walking around Radzionków.

Day 3

– Power Point presentations about our symbol “Coal Industry and “The role of a trainer in the development of  a sportsman and the importance of motivating competitors”, How to be a Millionaire (online game in English) + crossword connected with swimming.

– Cooking classes / P.E. classes.

– English classes / ITC classes.

– Visiting the Silesian Museum.

Day 4

– Watching an instructional film about swimming and taking part in interesting P.E. classes – Kinect.

– Swimming training + Aerobic in Water + free time for playing in water.

Day 5

– The international Swimming Competition.

– Visiting the Coal Mine in Zabrze.

– The official dinner and handing in certificates.

Day 6

– All day trip to Kraków.

Day 7

– Farewell at school departures.

Watch the film recorded by Spain:


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