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The visit in Turkey – Nazilli

Our third mobility took place in Turkey and lasted 5 days. Our students had a chance to meet their new friends for the first time. During Turkish mobility we did a lot of amazing activities, we cooked and tried delicious Turkish food, saw important places and sights, painted our Christmas plates, and… took part in the INTERNATIONAL BADMINTON CONTEST! All of us won because we did a great job to prepare for the badminton challenge.

Day 1

– Arrivals and accommodation in the hotel.

Day 2

– Welcome and promotion of school

 – presenting the project symbol “Efe and Zeybek – traditional dance” and Power Point presentation about “ What is the Fair Play? How to be fair in sports and how to deal with losing?” ,

 – Visiting the classrooms in Nazilli Special Education School (for students with low level mental disabled),

 – Meeting teachers and lessons observation,

 – Virtual Mobility on Twinspace and using it to connect with other teachers,

 – Visiting the classrooms in Güzelköy Special Education School (for students with moderate and severe mental disabilities),

 – Historical and cultural visit of Nazilli,

– Visiting the mosque and getting to know facts about Islamic religion.

Day 3

 – Student and teacher meeting events,

 – Playing  the international team games,

 – Badminton training and sport activities,

 – Learning  English vocabulary connected with badminton, solving wordsearch connected with English badminton vocabulary, playing “How to be a milionaire” online – answering the questions about badminton rules.

Day 4

 –  School Activities :

Traditional turkish food making in Cooking Workshop ( pumpkin dessert, stuffed pepper and cacik sauce),

Ceramic plate painting activity in the Ceramic Workshop,

Bracelet and necklace making activity in Handicraft Workshop,

 – Virtual Mobility on Twinspace and using it to connect with other teachers,

– Visiting the local bazaar and buying souvenirs,

Day 5

 – Presenting the warm-up shout of each country,

 – Training and The International Badminton Championship ,

 – Cup and Medal Ceremony,

– Visiting Pamukkale, swimming in the antique pool,

 – Certificate ceremony and exchanging gifts during dinner.

Day 6

 – Historical and cultural visit in Virgin Marry Church, the ancient city of Ephesus and Kuşadası .

Day 7

 – Farewell at school and departure.

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