HealthyEatingPlate – Harvard Plate

Haveyoueverwonderedwhat to eat to keepfit, healthy and growup? Ifyouare not sure, youshouldcomposeyourdishaccording to a simplerule:

– 35% vegetables(eatwhateveryou want but avoid French fries!)

– 15% fruits(eatonlyplenty of variousfruits)

– 25% wholegrains(pasta, bread, rice, groats, brownrice)

– 25% healthy protein (fish, chicken, nuts and beans – avoid red meat and cheese!)

Remember to drink atleast 1,5 l of watereveryday and do sportsregularly.

Ourstudents and teachershad a greatpleasure to get to knowthismethod and preparetheirownHealthyEatingPlates. Areyoucurious? Checkit!

Ifyou want to learnmore, visit the officialwebsite: HealthyEatingPlate | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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